"As with so many life-changing experiences, the events that have led to the development of the Jorge Hané™ Weight Loss Program were never something I intended or expected. Even still, I am grateful for how it has all transpired, for what I have learned and have been able to accomplish, and for what I can share with you as a result.

Many years ago, I produced several very successful exercise videos for the Latin American market. As more and more of the videos sold I found that more and more people were asking me, "Is there something else that can help me lose weight and look and feel better?" Even with a very effective exercise program, people still seemed to be having a problem losing weight and getting into shape. In talking with them, it seemed that the challenge they were having was partly psychological. They would begin with the best of intentions, use the video and follow the exercise program, but without positive reinforcement - in the form of visible, early results - their commitment to exercise ( and to making lifestyle changes necessary to lose weight ) was easily derailed.

I decided that I needed to learn more about nutrition and the science behind why we gain/lose weight, why it seemed so easy to put weight on and so hard to take it off, and to find out if there was a way to kick-start success - to lose fat fast. I went back to school and in the course of my studies I was able to work with some of the finest physicians, nutritionists, and researchers in the world. The more I learned from them, the more I wanted to find a way to use that knowledge to benefit others. This was the motivation that led to the development of the Jorge Hané™ Weight Loss Program: a diet and exercise program coupled with an all-natural dietary supplement combining millennia-old wisdom with modern medical science to create a weight-reduction product that works.

Everyone wants to look and feel good, and it seems a tragic irony that at such a time in our history - with all the miracles of science and technology available to us today - people find it so difficult to achieve something as seemingly simple as losing unwanted pounds. All over the world people are so desperate to change their appearance they are willing to pay hundreds and thousands of dollars on dangerous surgical procedures or on exotic, untested products that claim dubious results. This is no longer necessary.

The Jorge Hané™ Weight Loss Program includes Jorge Hané™ Herbal Supplement, a natural dietary supplement that is available in over 60 countries worldwide. Millions of capsules of Jorge Hané™ Herbal Supplement have been consumed safely with wonderful results and no side effects for more than ten years. In combination with Jorge Hané™ Meal Plan and Jorge Hané™ Exercise Plan, Jorge Hané™ Herbal Supplement has worked for men and women of different ethnic backgrounds, different races, with different body types and eating habits. It should work for you.

I do not believe in "magic bullets" or miracle cures. I believe that we each need to take responsibility for how we live in the world, and that includes how we treat ourselves and manage our health. It is a privilege to be able to share with you what I have learned about why we gain weight ( and what we need to know about losing weight ), the importance of having a balanced life in terms of diet and exercise, and how you can use the Jorge Hané™ Weight Loss Program as the strategy to having and maintaining a healthy life."

Jorge Hané
International Weight Loss Guru